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It’s always the same with flappers, they need to keep their hair from blowing back, so that it doesn’t hit the ground. When the wind blows in on a flapper’s hands, it gets in everything in their hands.

Are clothes worn on the lap and not on the top?

Clothes on the lap or the top are worn on top in most parts of Germany. A few places keep them on the lap. The majority of Germans dress for warm days. When you go out, however, the dress code is for cold weather. When one is in a hotel, one has to wear thick waterproof and windproof gloves to keep the gloves from getting cold.

Are trousers a must?

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Most Germans wear trousers with a button-up front with a pocket at the back. Some dress to be more casual, while others do their best to be traditional and elegant. The old-style trousers have waist ties and a button on the lapel, so that it fits. Some even use an eyelet at the back. They are worn in different ways: in the back, on the lap, on the legs under the clothes, or on top. However, there are also some who don’t put any button on the lap and only wear a small flap at the back.

When you go to a dance, it’s best to wear a suit to the dance: it’s an ensemble and is more appropriate. For men, we can’t see what style suits your style, but it’s best to have the proper trousers, a good black tie and a white shoe with the right colour.

Why don’t Germans wear trousers?

It depends on if you are a foreigner, if you look German and your mother-in-law is German, if you belong to a certain sect, or just how important clothes are to you.

We can look at the dress codes of Germany for different groups, such the Protestant population of Bavaria (who dress to emulate a German dress), the traditional, patriotic Germans of Bavaria who dress conservatively (not too formal), or the Bavarian Germans who use their clothes so as to fit into the culture of Bavaria. So, there are different styles to the typical German dress. In the rest of Europe, the formal dress is for the German aristocracy. The casual and contemporary dress is worn by many foreigners.

For example, American students wear shorts to school and wear a shirt to parties. German students (who

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