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The chemical structure of the product is similar to that of a spray can (sophisticated, heavy, low viscosity, solvent-resistant). The product is used in large scale industrial application to remove and clean metallic surface defects. The product is manufactured by Ligitex in a European plant in Germany. Ligitex (the manufacturer) is located in the United States of America. Ligitex is a Swiss company, registered in Switzerland with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. It was founded in 1962 and its current headquarters are located in Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.

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Are all Ligitex spray products water soluble? Yes. Ligitex can be purchased by mail, over the telephone; and, online. However, a commercial product will not be offered by Ligitex for sale in other locations in Canada and the United States.

What if there is no contact between your paint and Ligitex?

Our products are water soluble in solution and, as such, cannot be diluted with water. Once applied to a surface, Ligitex can remain for a period of time in water. Should a layer of paint being applied to a surface become contaminated by Ligitex, the protective coating will be lost and the paint will be unable to restore its original state.

Ligitex paints offer excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation and most water-resistant paint chemicals, which have a high tendency to remove protective coatings. This is because water-soluble paints can remain in solution for a very long time.

What should I watch out for as my Ligitex paint dries? When Ligitex is used to coat the surface of a surface with water-soluble paint, you MUST allow time for the protective coating to dry – between 20 minutes and two hours.

In addition, Ligitex does NOT repaint surfaces once the protective coating has dried completely. The paint may remain in the material for several days or even for weeks. The protective coating should never be removed.

What can you tell me about the product label and the information on the product? The product label refers to the solvent properties of the product, but the actual chemical property of the paint is not known. The product also says the paints are water-repellent, and you have to allow for the time the paint is in contact with your water: 20 minutes, two hours, or six hours. The product label can

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