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Gatsby’s theme is “I Dreamed A Dream.” In his book, John Steinbeck wrote about the “dreamer” who had one wish for each day of the day–a dream in which, among other wonders, he dreamed of being a doctor, and of visiting the country of his dreams. The dreamer would travel around the continent, seeing the wonders and marvels of every age, every culture and nationality, learning the language and customs of each land and each people, and seeing the people in their own unique way. This dreamer would also travel through history, studying the various nations and peoples of what we now call the world (for example, a “Gatsby book” on the subject of the Ottoman Empire is entitled “A Gatsby in Hell”). He would write stories, poems, cartoons, paintings, theater performances, songs, and short plays, and would teach children and adults from one generation to the next about the wondrous and extraordinary ways of life that the people of each nation had to offer. And all of this would be achieved while maintaining a low-key, simple, and serene style that appealed, for example, to the young, to the middle-aged, and to the elderly. The dreamer would also have the luxury of doing things by himself, but in ways that he felt quite confident of carrying out without help, and in ways that he would always remember with pleasure. A Gatsby book on the subject of the Russian Revolution is entitled “The First Five Years.” It tells the tale from the perspective of the first five or six years under a Czarist government, so that the readers can see the many reasons why things did not work out as envisaged. The book also includes the stories of the first five or six years in a Czarist military dictatorship, and describes the experience of those who are left to fight for the revolution when the dictator is overthrown. The second of the Gatsby books entitled “How I Lost Everything” is entitled “The Gadsby of the Deep.” It tells the tale of Gatsby’s adventures as the man in love with a woman he meets in the sea. The plot was originally conceived in the late twenties, when a friend of the author suggested to him that they “turn the Gatsby novel into a series of photographs.” Thus, in order to complete some of the novels that were then in process, a succession of pictures were created. The paintings in “How I Lost Everything” were the final three
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