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Here’s the breakdown!

What is a flapper? Flappers are the most widely used toilet flapper at the moment, not only across the UK but further across Europe too. Each model contains a plastic clip that can be used to hold on the flapper, meaning it can actually fit in your hand. This flapper is actually a modified version of the original flapper, with a very similar shape. The ‘clip’ is actually a small spring-loaded button, that activates the lock in your toilet, if you have it fitted correctly.

Why should a toilet flapper be expensive? Flappers are made to be an inexpensive accessory to a standard flush toilet, so it doesn’t cost you more to get one. A simple flapper can be found for just £20 plus delivery. The £10 price of a typical Flapper in Europe is actually considerably less compared to the £15 you might pay if you were to buy that exact style flapper in the UK.

Is it really worth it? You could be buying yourself a very comfortable, functional, and durable piece of technology – and you might even save the environment by recycling a single flapper into a new one. But if you want something much more, or you want it as a present to give to your kid, you may want to think again! The average flapper that you can actually buy on the market is only around 50gsm in weight. That’s 1 teaspoon of toilet flappers in the pound! For the same price you can buy a 1oz bottle of toilet gel for £1.55. A flapper is not a ‘pile n dump’, which is the most often used excuse for flushing a toilet, but a simple, economical solution to getting the minimum amount of water out of your lavatory. For that reason, every toilet flapper should be a ‘get-one-for-free!’ item.

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The biggest advantages of the flapper toilet flapper though are the simplicity of use, the environmental advantage that you’re getting, and the fact that you can use them even in the cold winter months too! Read on to see our handy comparison videos.

How to Flush a Flapper

Your standard flush toilet flapper only has two flappy buttons, and they must be firmly pressed to enter a flush mode. To make things easier, let us show you how to use our Flapper Video and How to Flush Flappers!

Video: How to flush a flapper

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