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The wood that’s appropriate for your sign must be a good value. You’ll want your wood to have a very high density. This means more than 500 parts per million, a number that could be reduced for signs made of a cheaper non-natural wood such as teak or pine. In addition, you’ll want the wood you select to be relatively soft. While this makes it easier for you to cut your sign to your desired size, a softer wood will leave wood fibers and fibers of other species behind in your sign.

Choose a wood that’s at least five to 16 inches long. Most signs, such as post and door signs, are designed to be hung from the ceiling. If your home design is too narrow for a sign to be hung from the ceiling, you’ll have to find a suitable place for your sign to hang.

How long is a good length for a sign? Most signs have to endure the most severe exposure of sunlight, so a long length, at least seven feet long, will be good.

Which wood is best suited for outdoor signs? Selecting a wood that is at least five to 16 inches long will allow you to choose the right wood for most outdoor signs. It should be a soft wood. Soft wood will take light well without stripping fibers and will make the sign feel and look like it’s standing on an actual wall.

How to Choose Wood

The next step in the design process is determining whether your wood will be a good match for your proposed outdoor signs. It’s important to consider wood type as well, as the wood you choose could be the reason you’re choosing it.

For example, if you’ve designed a sign with a standard look of brown or pale yellow, which wood will be the best match? If you’re designing a sign that uses colored stripes, you’ll want to find a different wood to match the stripe pattern. Also, think about the type of outdoor scene you are envisioning. If you’re designing a sign for a country club, for example, you’ll want to consider whether the wood you use will fit the look and feel of the club.

A Wood Selection Process

Choosing a wood can be complicated, in part because your choice can influence the outcome of your project. For wood types for the outdoor signs we’ll discuss here, you could go looking for an online resource, like an online catalog, or you could conduct a personal search online, which is one of the best resources for finding online resources

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