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I am a huge fan of pine, and I use it for the outdoor sign. The only downside is that the outside and inside of the case is made of wood, so when not in use, this becomes quite cold. How does the case handle a little weather? The wood inside the case is quite warm in winter. It will turn a tad hot under summer sun. The side pockets are very sturdy. The bottom shelf provides the minimum distance to keep the sign in place while being used. Do not be confused by the red LED in the logo!

I don’t know if I should buy this sign at all. I know I can go with a cheap cheap wood sign, but I want something that is a little bit unique. I am just trying to have fun and make something unique. I did not come across this sign until I purchased the outdoor sign, and was amazed it is still there since it has been almost 2 weeks. I am very happy at the quality of the sign and the value of the sign. If they are still available after 2 weeks, then I will definitely buy one. The sign is sturdy and I will probably pick it up when I am not using it because of the size. I thought the plastic case was cheap, but it’s a decent product. I would buy a similar product for myself if it is not too expensive. Overall, this is probably a great sign if you have the materials to create something unique. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great outdoor sign.

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We just got this for our baby’s birthday. She loves it! So far she has put up about 8 new outdoor signs for her preschool. This is the only one that she has seen and loves. She said it was a good sign and I agree. This would work well for adults, but would also be a good sign for small people like me, who live in a house, where there is nowhere to hide the sign from a car. She said, “This is awesome!”. I will buy more of her signs and put some up for her!

Overall I am very pleased with this product. It looks good and is well made. I would definitely buy any other sign.

Our family got this for Christmas this year. The price is great for any kid or adult. The case that is included with the outdoor sign was very sturdy. They were very easy to put up. The red LED light from the back of the sign made reading easier. It is definitely a better price than a regular outdoor

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