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The name “Woodshop” is not enough.

“When this business started in 2003, we were looking to launch a new woodworking business and we settled on a name to help us stand out,” says Adam, an American whose mother was once a woodworker. “Many of today’s woodworkers consider that a good business name. If you don’t take that name seriously, we think you could be labeled in the future as ‘Woodcutters’ or what have you.”

Now, Adam and his partners are growing into what they call a “Woodshop Woodworking” – a full-service woodworking shop that specializes in handcrafted woodworking skills and provides a unique atmosphere for the woodworkers who work there.

“What kind of Woodshop Woodworking is it? We can think of different types,” says Adam. “The types of people that go there include people who like to make furniture, they like to make flooring, they like to make cabinetry, they like to make all different kinds of tools. They like working with tools that you can make yourself. There’s also a bit of people who want to do a bit of woodcrafting – using the equipment we’ve made at Woodshop Woodworking. We know it is more than just handcrafting – how we do our work is important.”

In order for this family-owned woodworking business to thrive and offer services to all types of woodworkers, there is no need to try and restrict the number of people that can work there. In just four years, Adam says his woodworkers have become more accustomed to working with tools they can make themselves and more knowledgeable about working with tools and supplies made by others. The Woodshop Woodworking has created a niche that offers the kinds of services and tools that make traditional woodwork much more accessible and fun!

“We are also trying to grow beyond the area into North Carolina as well.” says Adam. “We’ve got some business expansion going on and we’re hoping that our business will be able to help out a lot of the older woodworking communities and make them into what they used to be.”

You can learn more about Adam’s Woodshop Woodworking by visiting their website. You can also see what products and services they offer by clicking on the links in their marketing section and below you’ll see some sample prices and special offers we’re offering!


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