What can I sell to make money fast?

You can sell any items you have available

In some cases it is possible to sell in the game at all times! For instance you have an armor that the other characters find pretty good and you know you will sell it for a high price.

Once the character has picked a particular weapon, they can sell it to the next character that has been given it by the last person you sold it to!

For example if you have two iron helmets but have a bunch of gold jewelry, you can sell them all to get a big profit of gold.

Is it possible to sell items to NPCs using items from the inventories?

No, you cannot sell items to NPCs as they will NOT accept the items at all as they have no money to use (You can only sell gold).

Is it possible to buy or sell items in the inventories?

Yes! The only way to buy or sell an item is to use a money pouch.

What if I want to sell an item to a different NPC?

NPCs will usually not accept it until you come back to sell it to them again. But in case you do happen to come to know about the item’s value and you would like to buy it, the NPC you talk to will accept it.

In practice this means that your player will have to go outside of the zone, talk with the NPC to see what the item would cost, then come back to buy and use it.

Will money from a certain NPC count towards my bank account?

You will not get any money from a certain NPC until you have sold the item to them.

There is a special exception to this: if you buy an item and you have a character in your inventory with that item in that bank, you will only get the money for it if the NPC you talked with gives you something to sell. Even if the item you bought was not sold, you will still have the money from this NPC.

In other words, you will get the money if you bought something AND it is not sold after you talk to or talk to them again.

Will it be possible to buy a specific item from an NPC after an NPC has already spoken to me?

Yes, absolutely! This can be done even before the character has picked the specific item.

But there is one condition: first you need an item on hand with those requirements!

You can find the item