How much space do I need for a woodworking shop? – Woodworking Business For Sale In Milwaukee

We offer a 10’x25‚Ä≤ workspace in one of our two separate buildings in downtown Portland! The smaller building has a smaller workshop area, with the larger building having a larger workspace with additional areas to work in.

You’ll find that in the larger workshop, tools are spread out and organized in separate areas, and you’ll be able to find space for tools such as circular saws and angle and hand saws and saws and rotary and circular saws and jigs and such. All of the tools we provide with your supplies come with their own separate racks, bins and cabinets, making it easier to keep your tools organized.

In addition, our shop has a separate rack for a metal cutting table. This table is the perfect place for you to build your new machine from scratch or make new cuts with a hand-held table saw. For all of these purposes, our shop is ideally suited for woodworkers who value work area convenience and durability, such as machine mechanics, power tool users, woodworkers with hand held equipment, woodworkers and machine assemblers, and others in between.

Here is another great video showing what you’ll find in the shop if you visit us, by Ben:

Why do I need your tool-shop space, anyway?

We offer you a workshop that is large enough for you to store you full set up with your tools. Because our shop has an extra large workspace, we’ll have enough room for everything you will need to make your shop, not only as large as you may need, but larger than all of our others. The extra small workshop is designed primarily for wood, but you will need to be able to work in metal as well!

What supplies/tools do you give out?

We don’t just give you everything‚Ķ we give you everything. We have a huge selection of woodworking supplies, from hand files to small bench planes and jigs all the way to massive saws, saw dusters, chisels, jig saws, etc all at low prices. We also offer a massive line of hand tools. We can even ship you saws that fit your tool set as soon as you pay, because we’ve got a huge selection of saws in stock in Portland. You can check out the full list of our woodworking supplies here.

Where can I get directions to my shop?

We have a convenient online map that will show you the steps you’ll need to take

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