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The industry was $18 billion in revenue in 2005. The average furniture maker made $2.45 per item sold in 2005, but the median gross profit fell to $1.05 because of “labor-intensive” work for furniture

In early 2014, the Federal Security Service (FSB) released photos showing the installation of “harsh” new rules for online communications, and a statement of the FSB’s concerns said that “the situation has become alarming” for the new policy, which prohibits certain activities by Russian Internet users as well as information about the government surveillance.

As reported by Bloomberg:

“According to the information, the changes include an outright ban on social networking services, online gambling, video chats, Internet and cellphone sharing, and even private emails. Those violations are supposed to trigger a warning notice in violation of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The rules will be carried out by Federal Service for Supervision of Telecom Activities, Rospatentstvo [the agency responsible for Russia’s internet infrastructure]. It means that online communications, photos, videos and other messages, will be regulated and monitored without exception.”

However, the regulations are also open to interpretation on how they will be applied, with online gambling and social networking already on the list of prohibited activities.

The FSB also said in 2014 it was concerned that the new regulations were “lacking clarity,” stating:

“The authorities believe that the Federal Law on the Protection of Children has been interpreted too broadly and will likely lead to the ban on some types of content. However, the authorities must consider the specific situations when such bans will be needed…”

As noted by Reuters, the regulations are intended “to provide effective protection for children”.

The new rules have already forced many people to close their social networking services since the rules became effective on June 30. Even social media sites of Russian citizens, namely Facebook and Twitter, have been forced to delete accounts and users who “violate” the new rules.

While the FSB stated in 2014 that the new rules were “lacking clarity”, Reuters noted that the FSB’s statement noted that:

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