How long does it take to learn woodworking?

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This page is designed to give you an idea of the time it takes learning woodworking. Most of these time estimates are approximations. They are based on what I have experienced as a beginner. Your experience and the time it takes will certainly differ and the time shown might not agree with yours!

You have probably come across some woodworking tutorials online. For most of them the actual time you have to spend reading and learning each technique can be estimated using the following formula:

Time to learn a particular technique can range from a few hours up to one day.

Here is our simple estimate tool:

Here is another way to estimate the basic time it takes to learn each technique. We have used a more detailed approach.

You can find our full time to learn woodworking calculator on this page.

Let’s take a look at some of the techniques you use most in woodworking

This is the basic technique of building a cabinet using joinery

Using sandpaper on wood

Friction on wood

A planar vise

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This is a small vise

Using table saw


This is an outline of my plan and what I was trying to accomplish

This is my first attempt at carving out some wood – using a knife

The first step is making a template

This next step is making a mould of the wood

This is my first attempt at designing a mold

This first attempt at drilling a hole for the mold

This project is quite long – I hope you understand

This is my first attempt with using chisels and plane

This is the mould I use

This is a more detailed view of my mold, which I tried to recreate in a 3d CAD program

This is my first attempt at modelling a cavity, using a 3d printer

What does your typical session look like over the course of a few hours?

I hope these methods will help you get back into woodworking! What’s your rate of progress? Have you found time to work out how long it takes to learn a technique?

What are your own time to learn woodworking estimates like?

Please leave your own estimates below. Thank you for sharing in helping me make this website better for others wanting to find out what it takes!

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