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I think this one is easy. You can start by buying a home. Or, you can become a landlord. Both are the same, but the two are different.

Let me explain: The land is worth the money. The price (rent) you have to pay to get it is the rent. So every dollar makes us earn, in one way or another, more rent.

The problem, of course, is that there are only so few homes in the New Age world. In the 1950s, for example, only 2 million people lived in California. The world was expanding but the land was not. In fact, people were paying more and more for land as people moved to be closer to the city.

In other words, the land has too many people and the growth is slow.
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Now, rent is a way to avoid that. That’s another reason why homes are becoming such a scarce good. The money doesn’t grow.

But the problem is that it gets harder and harder to buy more houses, which are expensive now for buyers. So, what can you do?

Your answer is the rent that is currently required for a decent home: you can’t buy houses that cheap because everyone else is getting cheaper houses. So instead, you are left with “rental units” — a bunch of houses together that are worth about the same as the homes people own — and that is a big money maker.

For example, think about all the houses you see sitting on front lawns: they are rent-for-owners rentals — a pretty good return on an investment if they have not deteriorated and the houses are being rented. But even those houses are pretty expensive when you own them, because the home owners can take the money they make from the rent and they can add it to their bank accounts.

What about a house worth $200,000 instead of the $600,000 we bought it for? Well, it’s a rental unit now, because all the $600,000 we invested gets used up. So you see that most of the $200,000 we paid for a home was used up by someone else.

What if there were two million people in California. If only one-half of the people would rent and the other half lived in owner-occupied homes, the land would be getting so cheap that everyone could afford to buy houses.

The problem is that every individual gets so much rent that even if you

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