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If you can’t, you might as well not have a tool.

I bought a miter saw about 3 years ago, and I really like it, but I still can’t rip wood with a miter saw. My friend who owns a similar saw is so impressed it got him a job as an electrician. He says if you get a miter saw it looks like a huge miter saw.

Well, he’s wrong, as you can see by this photo. I’ve just got a really simple one…I don’t take the time to check if the blade fits the fence I’m using…I’ve used this saw for about 2 years now, and I still can’t rip wood with a miter saw, except with a small tree in the way. I’ve tried it on the miter saw fence using a screw with a straight edge, but even that didn’t hold, so I had to back off the blade, and it still won’t rip wood with it. I have a saw that I still enjoy with, and would love to see a saw I could use the same way with, but can’t rip wood with it. Is there a way to use a miter saw to rip wood?

I’ve just heard that a saw can’t rip wood with power tools. In the movie “Jaws”, there’s a few scenes where a shark is running at a giant whale (he’s like 20 ft long). He’s trying to rip the bow off the whale, but a shark can’t bite it. Does this mean that a saw will never rip wood with a power tool, as it seems sharks can rip it?

I’ve just recently purchased my 1 2/3 hp saw again and I want to rip wood like that. I need a saw that can rip about 2/3 of an inch of wood per hour (like a saw with an electric blade can, but it is only a simple saw) so I need to know how often I can use it.

I saw one of the pictures that suggested I needed a saw with a heavy duty fence. No such fence could possibly fit in a cabinet, unless you cut them down to size. But can you use this saw only for thin wood? For a larger tree I’d expect it to work fine with the fence, and maybe the saw can be used for thicker wood too.

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Thanks alot.

David, Thank you for this question. I bought my miter saw a few years ago

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