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Most people, including me, think of roulette as a game of chance. But I bet you didn’t realize that the average human can get two or three spins per minute without losing any money.

Most of us play roulette less than once per year and have only recently begun to understand how long it takes to lose money.

Let’s say we have $20 in a machine with a 10-year lifetime and a 15-second spin. On average, you will only lose $8.40 from the 10 years with luck alone.

However, even if this were to happen, it would take you only 30 seconds to lose $20 in roulette. On average, you would lose $14.88.

Here are the longer streaks of roulette history.

For example, in 1996 alone there were four different records held that were longer than the average lifetime. Some of these were:

Longest time a machine had a one-week spin record during an average lifetime

Longest time in a 10 years lifespan with no wins for more than 30 seconds in a row

Longest-ever spin times when a machine has been used less than 10 times.

Note: These records should all be viewed as approximate, as all five people listed above did lose money after these streaks. However, these streaks are quite impressive considering that they took place over the internet.

But back to the record I mentioned. To me, the long-held record for the shortest time is one week. At that time, a machine had a 5-year runspan before a loss was recorded.

The record for the longest streak was broken in 2005 when a machine had a 6-year spin span.

The record for the longest straight time is the longest time when the machine lost money in a single week. This record was established in 1998 when a machine lost $1,120 in a single week (although not without loss). The streak lasted a whopping 35 hours.

For comparison, the record for longest consecutive spins of roulette was established in 1994. The record also held for one year, but it ran for two weeks.

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