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The RNG is random, but the game doesn’t use it randomly. The games are actually based off of a mathematical formula – where you start at 0 and the game generates 6 random numbers. The first two (which are the same as the ones in the formula) tell you a number, so you would get in the 1-2 range from the starting game (or 1-2 from the formula) and 6 from the “actual” one. If you go over that range, the game won’t count the higher and lower numbers as part of your results, and that means the game is rigged. This has been fixed in versions older than 1.8.12.

How do I disable the use of random numbers in Roulette? In order to disable RNG roulette in your game, you’ve first have to make sure that the game is configured to disable random number generation – this can be done by setting the game options from the Game Bar to “Disable Random Number Generation” or alternatively by entering in the following (your options should be different for different versions of the game):

in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Videos\GTA V, go to Steam and click on the games button

in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Videos\GTA V, go to Steam and click on the games button click Yes on the dialog box that comes up

where do I find the RNG code of the game? The code used is found in the GameShark program (which is found in your game’s installation or in the GTHOST folder of the game). The code is available under it’s own file (RNG_Code.bin).

A few problems that may occur if I use roulette as your random number generator:
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How do I test my Roulette game for random number generation? It’s easy – just run either version of the game from the Game Bar (the first time, or the second time and run the game again) and if it comes up with a value that differs from the one that was generated by roulette (a result in which the number displayed on screen equals something less than 0), there is nothing wrong with your setup. If it still comes up with a result equal to the numbers that were in the roulette, then the random number generator doesn’t use the RNG code. This is something that can

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