What does Russian Roulette mean?

Russian Roulette has more than one meaning (but it’s not always a good one) – it is used to denote the use of one or more guns in a firefight. Russian Roulette has been applied to several other situations as well (including, for example, firearms training with automatic weapons). The Russian Roulette gun was coined in the 1960s, as a popular response to the use of the military sniper rifle, the AK-47. By the 1980s it became fashionable for the “doughnut” gun to be used on the street as a means of protection. During the 1990s it became fashionable to use it when dealing with criminals for an intimidating look. In recent years “Russian Roulette” has come into popular use when describing the practice of shooting in a circle (or to form it in other words – as a circle-round-fire).

How do I do Russian Roulette? Russian Roulette is a form of shooting where the user holds his weapon in one hand and shoots at random points inside a circle of fire, often without regard to the direction of fire as long as the gun is pointing at the target. The method involves either two or more guns being fired from different positions side by side. Russian Roulette is quite popular among the younger generations but it is still used often by older people. Russian Roulette also involves a combination of other methods, usually aimed at avoiding a possible collision with another weapon, to provide a measure of protection. As Russian Roulette is not a method that many shooters enjoy shooting and which often leads to severe injuries the term was usually reserved for use by professionals only. To be precise, the term was used only for self-defense purposes only.

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