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The first time I found a high-limit “no shot” roulette table, I asked the woman at the counter for help by pointing. She then ran off towards the back of the room, which looked at least one level lower, where I was sitting.

I was sitting on a table with three guys at a table that was the same height as my head. I was able to turn my head just enough to get across the table. I put my finger here and there as I played the game. I took all of my money away from the back of the room, and then turned back to my own table, which I was at a good five feet away from. I got my last five bets, put them down again, and then turned and ran off to the back of the room. No problem.

Later today on the same night, a second woman appeared in the same spot, which is located a level away from the first woman’s table, and she looked through her purse without looking at anyone for a good five seconds. I was completely oblivious to the incident. I just knew what I was seeing. I never saw anyone else at my table, no matter how close they were.

How far would the man’s balls get before he ran out of balls?

I’ve played hundreds games of roulette with a number of players from different walks of life. The vast majority have been men. The same is true for those that play online roulette at sites like and the LiveBooker, to name just a few. In most of those cases, if the player has a good idea of how the roulette wheel is set up and the odds of winning are known, he/she can adjust the odds of getting exactly the same number of balls as the number of bets he/she is making and then double the money. If I could get the odds the exact same number of balls every time, and not miss the jackpot, I think that would be unbeatable.

I can’t guarantee that I would win every time, but I can guarantee that on any bet with a shot (either on- or straight-out-of-bets), I would win all of them. The only reason I don’t get a shot would be if there was some reason that I was not on the board. And even then, I’d be getting shots that I never normally get unless I have a good plan.

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How do you tell when a

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