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Yes. If the value of cash or a casino chips is less than $100,00 and a player has more than $5 cash remaining, the roulette player will receive less than that much cash for a “win”. So the roulette machine can be worth less, but at the end of the turn the roulette player will still find himself with money.

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Sprint is rolling out an update to its mobile apps today — one that will allow users who connect a phone number via Wi-Fi to make purchases within the app as well as view a summary of recent transactions.

The new mobile app, which is available globally for Android and iOS, now allows customers to pay for online purchases and view a transaction summary. It also makes it easier for customers to manage their account by adding or deleting cards or sending credit cards or gift cards to a friend or loved one.

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“Sprint is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and competitive mobile payment solutions on the planet,” said Jeff Holden, Sprint CEO. “This new feature, while only available for the Sprint Sprint Prepaid plan, allows Sprint customers to seamlessly enjoy an increased level of convenience and convenience.”

As with most of Sprint’s mobile payment options, Sprint customers who pay with their phone account must set up a Wi-Fi connection to use the service. Customers can choose from a wide array of carriers, including Apple Pay. There are also options for customers who choose to go with a new Sprint Mobile Value Plan, which includes a $50 annual credit towards future purchases. Sprint says the new feature is designed to provide improved purchasing experience for customers, who have made the switch from paying for services via an auto phone line using a swipe of their phone or by tapping a screen on a computer.

“Sprint has been the leader in mobile payment innovation. With Sprint Mobile Value, customers can enjoy the speed and convenience of wireless payments without having to carry a credit card,” said Greg McBride, vice president, product marketing at Sprint. “Sprint also continues to lead the industry with its innovative smartphone payment experience and we’re excited to offer the ability to access and manage credit cards and debit cards from any device, anytime, anywhere.”

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