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One of the first questions I was posed by a friend was “Will you be in shape for the water fast as well?”. I was happy to answer that question and that was to prepare for a race which took place on the 12th of February 2017.

The Race

A small group of people were to arrive at 6.30am to wait for the race to start. I was a participant and would participate too as I have a passion for water fasting and always try and eat properly for this fast. My friend and I arrived at the start point to find a small group of about 5 people coming through. It was obvious there was a very small group but we just had to wait for them to get closer. Everyone who wasn’t going to be coming along was given directions to the start line and to find some food so they could eat properly. I knew it would be a quick start and was sure I’d get there at around 5pm – 5.30pm.

It was time to start out and the group I’d been with at 6.30am started out. As I sat down and watched the race start and finish I couldn’t help but feel energised, I was so excited to get through this challenge. We did get there and as far as we know it was around 5.40pm.

What did I eat?

At the start a member of the public said you need to finish in less than 8 hours and we were told that the time limit was 8.10pm. I think my race time was 8.10. I was slightly under the time so my main focus was finishing.

I knew the race was on the 15th of February so I wanted to go for broke and tried a bit more salty water which was a bit odd as I knew there was no option in the water.

Once I got to the finish I ate what I’d normally eat but I made sure I consumed lots of carbs and fat before the race. You can drink so much water during a water fast so it would be easy for you to feel really hungry as you have no idea how much you’ve consumed and it’s very strange to remember.

We all split off at around 8pm to enjoy some more drinks. I think I was eating too quickly – it’s tough to do it correctly after 4-5 hours of fasting and so I just wanted to finish as quickly as possible.

There was a bit of discussion about what we would be drinking

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