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The most frequently asked question is: “Is high-fat diets harmful to your face?” But, the answer is very complicated.

Our faces are fat because of inflammation. It is known as the “inflammating hormone”. It’s made of fatty acids that are bound together for a long period of time for the purpose of fighting infection, and also protect us from infection in the short term. Your face is made up of millions of cells that can fight an infection. It is a very difficult job, and the immune system has to be strong because the body is working overtime just to protect you, your family, and your house. The more the immune system is working overtime to protect you, the greater the inflammation in the face. Our bodies just don’t know that they can’t make it back to their home base for a cup of tea without it all getting blown away with the wind. We also face the risk of infection in the face because many of us aren’t born with the same kind of immune system that other peoples do, and so our bodies and other things will pick up those infections and come to your home.

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The other risk factor that goes hand in hand with inflammation is a higher overall LDL cholesterol level in your body, generally an indicator of a lower total cholesterol level. Because that low total cholesterol level makes things worse, the inflammation may be a “trigger” for other things happening in your body. For example, inflammation may signal to your brain that your cells have become inflamed and that, therefore, something else that needs to be addressed can come quickly.

If that’s true, the same high-fat diet can result in your face becoming more inflamed and more susceptible to infection. So, the important thing to remember is this: The higher the lipids and LDL cholesterol, the more important lipids and LDL cholesterol are in your body when your immune system is working overtime to protect you. You are not supposed to become inflamed without knowing that it is happening, and because inflammation is all about inflammation-related issues, you don’t want your immune system in danger of being so busy fighting off any infections that it doesn’t get to your immune system to start fighting off anything that is going to go wrong as you age.

And this is where I believe the “overweight” and “high” fat diet issues come in, because those are all symptoms related to inflammation. If you are taking your cholesterol levels under control, your immune system isn’t working overtime to protect you, and

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