What causes weight loss without trying? – Weight Loss Surgery Cost Arcadia

1. The answer: Your body regulates how much weight you lose

2. You can gain or lose a certain amount each time you eat and exercise, but your body doesn’t store this fat.

3. The reason: Most of your body’s weight comes from your organs

What is leptin?

Leptin, or “the hunger hormone,” is secreted by the pancreas. Leptin is a hormone that influences the release by the body of energy-containing chemicals and increases the rate of energy absorption.

In most mammals, the production of leptin peaks in the early morning and the secretion of leptin declines throughout the day. During periods of food restriction, however, leptin levels rise and fall at different rates. The higher the percentage of calories from carbohydrate versus fat, the more leptin production occurs, but at the same time, the body doesn’t store any of this fat.

Leptin levels fluctuate during the day depending on the timing of eating and sleeping: leptin levels peak in the morning, and drop in the afternoon. During the day, the average person should increase their leptin intake by about 20 percent. During periods of eating, however, leptin is reduced (or even completely absent), and people should lower their leptin intake by less than 2 percent over the long term with no change in weight.

What doesn’t cause weight loss?

1. The answer: Your metabolism

2. The reason: Many fat cells cannot burn calories for energy

The amount of energy in food is measured as calories per gram (cal/g). However, in the body’s cells, cells called mitochondria actually use more energy than these caloric amounts indicate. By this analysis, only 5 percent of cells are capable of energy production and can burn calories by taking in calories.

Because most of us have many mitochondria (cellular energy-producing energy-generating machines), we are unable to burn calories without eating.

Because the body doesn’t store fat (except fat cells that produce fat), we don’t need a lot of calories, so we can simply burn our energy from food.

3. What does cause weight gain?

1. The answer: Eating excess food

2. The reason: Fat cells cannot store energy, making you gain weight

When you consume enough calories, the body has a tendency to store them as stored fat, which would explain the excess weight that people appear to gain every time they reach a certain size

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