How much weight can you lose in a month on ketosis? – Weight Loss Meal Planner Template

Weight loss on ketone supplements is quite simple. As you reduce carbohydrate intake to zero and eat fewer carbs, you will lose weight.

I would say the process is relatively simple and the results are a lot better than you might expect from a fat loss supplement, which may be a good thing at first, but not necessarily when it becomes apparent that many of the weight loss claims on the ketones are dubious at best.

I’ve found this process to work for me on most of my weight-loss claims I’ve come across, so I’ve shared a guide with you on how to go about this, as well as a detailed breakdown of what actually happens on a ketogenic diet to cause weight loss.

I’ll discuss all of this in detail once you’ve read it.

As for my personal experience with weight loss claims, the only weight loss I’ve ever had was from eating 500 mg of Creatine Monohydrate. When I wrote an article about this I had a bit of a reaction:

If you’re not going to eat fat, and you’re not going to eat carbs, you’d better just eat protein, and you’d better not be starving yourself, and it doesn’t matter how much you consume you’re not going to lose weight.
Summer Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Lose 15 Kgs in 1 Month ...

My response? That sounds just as great to me.

That’s why I’m here to give you the truth (at least on the ketones, see above) so you can make an informed assessment of whether your claims of weight loss are just plain wrong.

So this is going to be about some ketone supplements that I use daily and that seem fairly straightforward and I’ve found they tend to work with some fairly good results, and that the claims of weight loss from them are not supported, either by science, the published literature, or my own experience.

A guide to ketone supplementation and weight loss

Ketones have been linked to improved blood sugar control and are the body’s preferred fuel, as well as being considered an excellent alternative fuel source.

A few of us have been hearing about ketone supplements for quite some time, as they are cheap and easy to obtain, and many people just don’t know they’re even possible to use.

Many of the claims on ketone supplements don’t need much scientific backing because they’re just that: ketogenic diets with a dose of ketone supplements. This is how ketones become effective as a supplement.


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