How do you tighten skin after weight loss?

If you’re a skinny person, you can’t wait to go for a run to see how much weight you can drop. Then you can stop at the trailhead and try to maintain a 5-11-2. If you’re an average guy, you can find a good gym and put your body through an in-person workout to make up 1.5 percent of your weekly weight loss for the season. That’s a great way to see whether you can really tighten your skin after losing weight.

If you need to weigh yourself at the end of a day of exercise, do it right. Use a scale and stick to the numbers until you get a number that makes you laugh. It always surprises me that guys would put so much thought into weight loss without really getting down to the meat of the problem.

What do you think when you’re trying to change a life-long habits?

There are a million things going on in my life that I have to work out and eat better, and I usually don’t think them through. But I am aware that I have always wanted to be a better and more healthy person and to go to a spa or get a workout, and now I have an opportunity to change the way I look and live and work and spend my money. That’s exciting and a big deal, and I can’t wait to see where my future takes me!

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Image copyright AP Image caption Many people fled the fighting over their land

An armed group in the Central African Republic (CAR) has told the BBC that they will start a military offensive in January.

The Movement for Unity and Jihad in the Central African Republic, (MUJK), made the move as part of negotiations to end a long-running conflict.

It said it would target government forces, but that the first targets would be rebel fighters in the east.
Lose 20 pounds a week

The war has killed thousands. The main fighting has been in the capital, Bangui.

The conflict has been running for about 14 months and has left more than 10,000 people dead.

In its own speech on Tuesday, MUJK leader Abou Zeid Masoum said his group was ready to enter negotiations.

He said the goal of his group to restore