How do I start a workout routine? – Weight Loss Supplements Amazon

1. Choose a muscle group (muscle group A or muscle group B) with which you want to build the most muscle. Find a weight you can use, but not too heavy. Do this for the full body, as this will also help you to become stronger over time.

2. After training you should eat the prescribed amount of food every two hours for at least three days. You can also do this for only two days.

3. Rest 3 to 5 hours following the training.

4. You can also continue to do the workout at the time and day of your choice.

5. Make your own schedule. Do not follow a specific plan. It is advisable to let your body decide when to rest or exercise.

When to stop training and how to return to lifting

1. Stop training within 30 days of the last workout. This can be done by 1) going for a walk (do it at least 2 to 3 times a week and try to do it on time); 2) resting (or eating well before lifting) for 24 hours and 3) working out again in the same time frame.

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2. You may continue exercising if the situation dictates.

3. Your body will thank you for being able to work out and you may feel great.

When to change diet

1. If you are not sure when to change your diet the advice is that you should start with a low calorie, nutritious diet for a month before beginning a new diet. This will give you a clearer idea as to which foods are best for you before beginning a new one. A diet plan should be carefully followed and your weight will help provide a good indication of how much you should change. Then gradually eat the food you like in the prescribed amount.

2. Start with a nutritious, low fat diet. That will help you to lose weight in the long run.

What kind of food do I eat after training and exercise

1. Breakfast

2. After an exercise session, preferably with coffee and a protein meal. Take a big, glass of water. This will help you in the post-workout period when you are on the verge of being dehydrated.

3. After a meal you should have a protein shake or other healthy food. This will help you maintain your energy level which will help you maintain the muscle-building condition.

What do I eat to sustain my bodyweight during training

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