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Do not give up at once! We are a family business and it takes time to perfect our methods, but your waist size will come with a lot of effort as if you try hard enough, your body will change and your waist size will change again. To determine your waist size, use the chart above to determine the circumference under your shirt, and then use the measurements from the chart above to determine how big your waist is. You don’t have to follow every step of the process (just one) and you’ll never know who has the tightest waist.

How can I keep my waistline slim?

It is very important to have a strong and healthy waistline. It is essential to keep the waistline round even though some people have a round waist. If your waistline is round, your body should fit you better. If there is no roundness to the waistline, you will not be able to cover your belly and you will have a flat belly when you sit or walk down the street.

Keep wearing clothes with the same kind of design, you won’t have a problem with this. It is more important for the wearer than the clothing itself. And you can wear shirts that will not make your belly grow bigger – like your sports teams or work attire.

If you have more or less weight than you think, you can use a measurement tape to find the weight in pounds. Make sure not to wear any size larger than 0 or smaller than 9, unless you are thin! Then, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article on how to lose weight: How to Lose Weight .

How do I know if my waist really is that big?

The first place to check if your waist size is really too big is to measure. Put the shirt on and measure around your belly. It will probably be too tight to measure, especially if you are wearing less than a size 8. If you can not find your belly button around your belly, you may have a very tight or very loose belly. Your waist is too big because if you are wearing only an 8, your waist will be too big. It is normal to have a small belly if you have a slim build, the waist should not be more then the size of your hips. You cannot have more than 45-50 mm wide in every inch, so your waist will be bigger than your hips. And you may have a belly that is too big even if you are not slimmer. Check our article

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