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There is a lot of evidence that physical activity is good for fat metabolism. Physical activity is generally described as high intensity exercise such as running, cycling, weight lifting, swimming, etc..

This high intensity activity helps to lower your body weight and therefore reduce your body fat.

To learn more about burning extra body fat as a general rule of thumb, see The Burning of Fat: How Much Can Be Burned?

Some of the studies have shown that if one is already overweight, if they do additional physical activity it may help to burn even more body fat

A well-designed study of 10,000 participants found that if one was already overweight, if they did additional physical activity it may help to burn even more body fat. (source)

Other evidence has shown that if one is already overweight, if they do an activity that involves sitting down at a desk all day; then maybe they might start burning more body fat in the mornings after a workout. (source)

For more specific information on physical inactivity check out the Fat-Burning Facts page in the Mayo Clinic.

The bottom line is, if you start physically playing with your body, perhaps after a workout, perhaps when you are sitting at a desk all day, maybe in the mornings after that workout, then after a few months maybe even some years, you might see the difference.

What is the difference between burning fat and building muscle?

Fat is simply water. As an example, a teaspoon of sugar produces about 1 gram of sugar (1/5 gram).

If the sugar was stored instead of being melted in the microwave, the volume would be 2,000 teaspoons (1,000 pounds)

Muscle is made from the protein that is stored in body fat. Muscle is also made from fats and fatty acids such as:


-Omega fats



-Mental Fatigue (depression)

-Low testosterone

Fats are stored in your blood stream, not just your tissue.

In addition, the muscle itself is composed of triglycerides.

The fat-burning effects of exercise are usually seen in an exercise that is done at a level of intensity low enough for the muscular fibers burned and the calories burned.

This activity is often called low-intensity endurance, because it is one of the simplest and least demanding activities.

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