Can you lose weight without exercising? – Weight Loss Planner Calculator

That sounds like a great weight loss story that you could tell your friends. I can’t even imagine how I could do that!

But here’s the thing:

There’s an alternative answer you can tell people that people will tell you. It’s that even though exercise is awesome for you — and you think you should — if you just don’t exercise, you actually don’t need to!

I’ll tell you just one piece of advice that you know is completely wrong:

Don’t do anything you can’t do.

And what am I talking about?

I’m talking about things you can do on your own. You can learn to do them without training.

Do yourself a favor and start today. In five days you’ll have the most amazing body in your life.

I love that quote so much, and I think you will, too. But if you don’t actually do it, at least do something that you haven’t done before. Here are three easy activities that will build your foundation and you can start doing right away.

1. Eat Right

Your body can only use 20 percent of your available calories each day.

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you’re probably familiar with how hard it is to stick to the numbers! If you try hard for an entire week and lose nothing, you can always cut calories back (or add to them, which I’ll talk about in a minute). You only have to use 20 percent of your available calories for one meal!

How can you use all of that food for your foundation, your foundation’s foundation?

Eat a little bit more. But not too much more.

There’s a rule that I tell people all the time: the amount of energy you need for exercise doesn’t depend on your body weight — not even 20 percent of calories will make you an exercise fiend.

The amount of energy you need for exercise depends on the number of calories you’re consuming (e.g., if your calorie intake is 100 calories a day, you’ll need at most 120 for an hour of exercise). But the amount of calories you are consuming matters very little — you can have a lot of energy.

This is why I get so excited when people say that they eat less and exercise more. It doesn’t mean they’re burning more calories on exercise day than they did on the last day they worked. It means they are burning only a little bit

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