Why is graffiti against the law? – Cool Spray Paint Art Techniques

It’s a way of expressing ourselves and expressing our identity. Graffiti, of course, is about expressing something different or different. A good amount of our graffiti is written as graffiti, not just on buildings, but we write in places that aren’t part of the street but can be seen from the street. So I see graffiti as basically telling a story or as a form of commentary, something that we like but probably we have to use as a tool to communicate about a certain situation. Because we’re going about things that aren’t very well known.

Some of your pieces go quite a distance and say quite a lot. Do you go for more than one purpose when doing this form of art?

I really like to do it in a way that it doesn’t have any sort of narrative or a structure, something that is actually quite independent and it just happens. A lot of people go too far out and try to put an order on it and I wouldn’t do it like that because then you feel some sort of ‘oh that’s really weird or weird for me – I don’t know how to draw it’, but the more experimental stuff is still quite open and there’s very few rules around it. My aim is that no one has an influence on the work and it’s just me and my own experience.

How do you feel about the word ‘graffiti’ in general, or its association with a certain image?

The term ‘graffiti’ doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me. To me it means a certain level of performance, something that someone is showing off and it’s an expression and an image. I don’t take the word “graffiti” to describe who it stands for in general – it’s more about the way the image is placed on a wall or a building so that it can be really visualised and you can get some sense of the ‘scene’ that’s going on. It’s more about ‘what is this thing I’m doing?’ and if you put your finger down on the area where it’s placed, you’ll realise that, ‘Oh yes, it’s that thing on the wall’. I think that’s probably something that’s probably hard to put an exact term to but you’ll kind of get the idea. I don’t think anything has a definition. One that I’ve heard about is that the word may be ‘illegal’, when what’s happening is illegal in a place – in a situation but it’s not necessarily a crime. It’s just

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