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So I’m gonna go ahead here and say one piece of advice to you:

Don’t take Krylon spray paint with you when you go for that ride. Just go the old-fashioned way, and trust that you’ll have to wait until the next day.

I understand people love to ride or ride for hours on a motorcycle but I’m sure you’re wondering what you should do to keep it out of the way if you have it.

The solution is simple:

Use a spray cleaner.

Okay! Let me clarify here.

What is a spray cleaner, you might ask?

There were three main categories of product in the 80’s that were advertised.

The first was a spray paint cleaner (the ones that were advertised as anti-static, so you shouldn’t leave them in the car), and the second were the spray paint “products” that were sold in supermarkets.

Those were just the two to choose from (they were very popular). As technology had advanced along with the times, there started to be many new products. Some of them worked really well, and some of them didn’t do what they should. One of the major companies that was promoting this new kind of spray paint was Krylon. They didn’t have great reputation, but they were a big player in the paint industry back then.

So why did they advertise the spray cleaner?

Well, it’s not an easy thing to explain, but basically, that’s what it meant.

Because, like, the whole of paint was like a bunch of little particles stuck together.

And that’s what a spray cleaner did. They would just pull the microscopic particles out of the paint…

And leave only the big particles in.

That’s also why, for some strange reason, they marketed it as anti-static. You just have to trust me…
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If you’re familiar with aerosols they are the same way.

But the spray paints in supermarkets were made of different types of chemicals. They all had their drawbacks — and they were known not to work very well. However, if you read the ads, everything is fine. The spray paint they used was a clear, transparent one.

So why would Krylon advertise it as anti-static?

Because it could remove all the dirt, mud, and grease from the surface of the car….it would be great for maintenance, repairs and it would

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