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We do:

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This is the perfect blend of warm citrus fruit with bright spices and a warming base of rich chocolate. An elegant and delicate tea that is perfect to serve to guests at a celebration or for a dinner date. It will leave you more than satisfied.

Serves 24 to 40.

We’re a few days away from the first of the NBA’s 32 regular season games and even though it’s only January, the NBA season is already looking incredibly brutal. With two games in the last three days, the NBA stands at 3.7 million fans on YouTube, which means almost everyone watching those games has at least a dozen followers and/or views. This number can’t be ignored in a league where the average NBA game is nearly two hours long and nearly every player has a profile on YouTube. It’s safe to assume the most popular NBA players were on the social media site after last night’s game.

All statistics courtesy of and The Basketball Averages in addition to social media and website-generated numbers.

The Clippers’ Chris Paul and the Lakers’ Steve Nash have the most popular NBA players on YouTube with an average of 3.6 million combined followers.

These numbers come from the YouTube analytics service, which was created last year by the NBA and YouTube. YouTube is currently testing YouTube analytics tools with other major sports leagues and it has been proven to be highly effective for teams working with video creators.

In 2014, video was a $10 billion industry in the United States and today, it has been worth $1.5 billion. The amount of viewership for all sports over the last two years has skyrocketed with nearly 10.5 billion live streams in 2014.

YouTube has created analytics for over 80 sports, including professional and collegiate tennis, college basketball, tennis, and golf. The NBA is one of the most watched sports in the world, with an average of 27.4 million viewers per game and nearly 22.4 million total viewers, according to official NBA stats.

According to a recent Yahoo report, the league’s Twitter activity is on par compared to that of its counterparts in baseball, football, basketball and hockey

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