Does Rustoleum enamel need primer? – Spray Paint Art Tutorial Black And White

To be clear, a primer doesn’t guarantee that your Rustoleum enamel will stand up to the rigors of use. It just lets Rustoleum know that it’s done its job and wants to rest. Rustoleum does not warranty the surface of its enamel (excepting that it protects your paint or surface against the effects of UV light).

If you don’t need primer, don’t buy it. If you plan on using that polish on your car or in your kitchen, you can just buy a topcoat (like we did with our Rustoleum Blacktop).

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of women are having this election cycle is how to deal with a future in which a candidate is so anti-choice that women’s health care becomes an issue. Unfortunately, even though there are multiple studies, one of them by the anti-choicers at Americans United for Life suggests that “a woman in a position of power doesn’t have to worry about an abortion if she says she doesn’t.”

This was a little-known study from a California-based anti-choice group that went completely unreported on in the mainstream press. The anti-choicers claim that “if a woman makes a decision not to have an abortion, she should not face significant consequences for that decision.” That’s a good thing at first, but it doesn’t sound right when you look at the study itself. Let’s break down what’s going on:

Why Anti-Choice Advocates Are Claiming There’s No “Pro-Life” Treatment for Women who Don’t Want To Get Their Teeth Rotated

The study was done by a California-based anti-choice group called American Life League. They found that if a woman says she is pregnant, her insurance will only pay for two forms of abortion procedures: medication abortions and a surgical abortion. That “suggests that abortion may not be a matter of concern for women who are more ‘pro-life’ than others,” writes the study’s author Dr. Richard Hayston, who has been working on the issue as a member of the Life League for decades and is now president of the Life Institute.

That’s an “important, if puzzling, finding,” the report concludes, because it suggests that “abortion may not be a matter of concern for a woman who is more pro-life than others.”

But how would it be a matter of concern to women of “more pro-life”

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