What type of paint is Krylon Fusion?

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Krylon Fusion is highly effective at neutralizing any type of stains on paint.

This is my second time here. So far I have come from here to here twice for these shows. First was a very good experience. Second time around I was pretty disappointed. This last show was the WORST EXPERIENCES of me and my friends ever being in an event, let alone playing.

We left a little after opening, and had to park in one of the lot across the street. Went over the stairs and took the escalator down to the third floor. The next door was the stage, but it was in the middle of nowhere and the crowd was thinning out quickly. They were pretty busy that night, especially about 8-9pm. It was quite dark. There were about 15 people who had come here before us, and there were a few others that walked in after us. That’s the thing though. They will be the ones that get the tickets. You can park here, but you will not have a ticket to come back later to watch the shows. What are they so afraid of? It’s like if you go here and the band opens for you. You get a discount, you get the stage for free, because you went here first. Of course that does not work for us. We are from other states.

There were two stages, the main in the middle, and they had smaller stage area to the right. I was seated in the front row, and it felt a little cramped, there I was sitting alone, and the concert began about 6:45pm. The band was pretty good, but their live sound was awful at best, especially their bass sound which sounded weird and very distant at times in the middle of the set. If you are expecting a blast from the past, you’re going to be disappointed.

The music itself was pretty good, but it was a one way ticket, the band was playing with each others, with only some sound effects to give the atmosphere a little more of a kick. I got to come a few days in advance (when there were several open dates) and it was not a bad place to go to see this band on a tour. However, I do not recommend playing here.

This is not a show where you can’t miss a show. If you only come on a Monday for these shows, get there early. You will be there for another gig later in the day, on Monday at