Is Krylon better than rustoleum?

Rustoleum is a good choice. You’re far worse off if you go with Krylon. Krylon is more expensive and has far fewer ingredients. And it’s not as effective. Krylon doesn’t remove all the gunk, including dust, dirt, paint, or grease.

Does Krylon come in a box?

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Yes, you could send me your Krylon in a hard plastic box. But I don’t think you should.

Why is powdered krylon better?

Powdered krylon does not crack.

Does Krylon contain mercury?

No. Koolaid Powder is made up of kerosene and petroleum ether, and it is the same thing as an oxyacetylene torch. It should not get into the eye, mouth, nose, or lungs.

You say I am a fool for buying a Koolaid powder.

If you have any concern, give Koolaid Powder a try right now. It is worth the money, so be sure to check with the brand that you’re using before buying. And I highly, strongly recommend using Koolaid powders whenever you are cleaning your air duct. They keep the grime and gunk at bay.

Where do I buy Koolaid Powder?

You can buy koolaid powder online from many sources, including Walmart, Target, Costco, and Fred Meyer. Some even sell it at large grocery stores like Walgreens. A few stores actually sell koolaid powder at their outlets, and they are also some of my favorite places to get koolaid powder for air blowing machines:

How do I store koolaid powder?

If you buy it at a gas station, make sure you wrap it with something or hold it in a plastic bag. But don’t buy it from the convenience store. The big brand store has the worst price. Make sure it’s in a sealed bag. If you’ve got a gas powered air-handling machine, it’s probably better to store it in a cooler. But if you have an air blowing machine, then the air being blown by your machine will contain koolaid, so you have to use caution, and try to cool it down before you use it up.

Should I buy Koolaid powder?

Sure, if you want to blow out my dog, or if you want to blow my cat from a tree. But Koolaid Powder