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No, I have never used “spray” paint. It is hard, and it can be difficult to put on. What I’ve used is “sewage” paint, in a very thin coat. There are others, but for me, it is enough.

The “spray” paint that I use is very thin, not a thick coat. It’s much easier to put on, and less likely to stick to surfaces.

What do people say you shouldn’t do for kids?

The answer is that I don’t do anything that would compromise their health. I give them time to develop their own taste in toys.

An Israeli man suspected of poisoning the Palestinian father of three of her children at Ramallah, including the two young girls, as well as the mother.

Sami al-Arakat was stabbed and seriously wounded in Ramallah on March 21 by her friend Saad al-Arakat, 22, in an encounter on the main road between Ramallah and Nablus. The children’s mother was among the injured. They were taken to al-Mughrabi Hospital in Nablus, where they were treated and released.

Saad al-Arakat and her alleged accomplice were arrested in the West Bank on Tuesday afternoon in Arub. They were carrying weapons and were reportedly arrested after one of them was wounded.

Arakat’s arrest came as Israeli police released footage of the incident on Wednesday morning showing al-Arakat lying on a sidewalk at Ramallah, holding a gas mask. It showed a Palestinian with her 3-year-old son as she and her alleged accomplice walked away. She was dressed in black at the time of the arrest.

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Alarazat was arrested on Tuesday evening, but reportedly went to “avoid the trouble” that came her way.

Palestinian security sources told The Times of Israel that al-Arakat was a former Palestinian student in Israel before moving back to the West Bank in 2004 after serving a prison term. She was last seen on March 14 near her home south of Jenin.

Israeli and Palestinian security sources said that al-Arakat was a “radical activist” who had been “radicalized.” They said al-Arakat used to frequent an internet cafe in Ramallah and that she had told one of her friends she

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