Is rustoleum 2x enamel? – Lightning Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained

– When I received it, it was a big surprise! It was the size of my fist!

– The enamel is so shiny!

– I wish I could take a picture like that. (laugh)

– Thanks!!

– How long did I make it?

– It’s probably 5 months now.

– Oh my?!

– Well, at that time I’m the only one that knows how to work with enamel.

– Did you put it onto the hair?
Anime School Girl Spray Paint Stencil Art Large by ...

– No, I just put it into the hair.

– So it’s like this~

Hanako’s face was very lovely and she’s also very cute in comparison to the others. I think that because she got this from the other side of her body, it’s also cute.

But at the same time I think she’s really beautiful. The way her hair is tied up in her hairpin makes her look like it’s growing out of her body.

I got lots of compliments about how good it looked and I’m so glad that people can see through the other side of her face. She’s really a great character.

When I look at the hairpin, it’s probably very hard to distinguish if it’s her right or left side.

Ah, so it’s really like this~

Even though I told her with confidence that she looks good, I’m really happy with her now and she has become really useful.

– What do you like in women?

– That’s a tough question (laugh).

I like how they think and how they smile.

– You’re probably not really going to enjoy that much that they’re thinking the same thoughts as you?

– No way!! (laugh)

– But isn’t the problem that they don’t think the same thoughts as you?

– I see.

– I did think about her as a friend, but I think she’s a sister. (laugh)

– She’s definitely a sister.

– It’s like I thought!

I did also feel a little sad for her in some ways, but still.

At this point I started to remember some things she had done previously, like how she’d used to bring me the stuff from the shopping, or to give me some sweets or cookies or something.

Hanako also had some of my

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