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No. Rustoleum paints, and many others, are not waterproof unless they are used in extremely acidic environments. As such, the paint can be ruined. You should always use water-based paint or sealant for outdoor play.

An anti-gay hate group, an evangelical Christian group and the Southern Poverty Law Center have launched a broad-based campaign against a proposed “hate crime” law that, as a preliminary step, would define anti-LGBT “hate crimes” as actions motivated solely by someone’s sexual orientation.

The campaign is led by the Log Cabin Republican Association, the largest Christian lobbying organization in the United States. Log Cabin’s goal is to “help make sure LGBT hate crimes legislation passes,” according to a log of its meetings posted to its website.


The Log Cabin effort is a collaboration of anti-LGBT activist organizations, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other conservative activists.

In an article in the Christian Science Monitor, a prominent anti-gay hate group in Indiana called the new legislation a “license to discriminate.”

It also cites, among other things, a survey from the Human Rights Campaign, a Washington, D.C. group that advocates for LGBT rights. That survey found the anti-LGBT portion of the legislation would criminalize several of the activities typically found in a hate crime, including public acts of bigotry against transgender people and anti-gay hate speech.

“With hate crimes laws, you can take any act that has hateful intent that is motivated by bigotry, and you could charge it as a hate crime even when the intent — and the motive — is not that of hate,” James Dobson of Focus on the Family, told the Monitor’s Michael Farris.

Another Indiana anti-gay hate group, the Alliance Defending Freedom, is also trying to pass a “hate-crime” bill.

But the Log Cabin response cites “hate crimes” legislation in the legislation — the definition used by the Center for American Progress.

The Log Cabin response explains that it will dole out its “letters of comfort” to people who have been victims of hate-crime offenses — and that the Alliance Defending Freedom may ask for its help if “our clients seek the legal defense that these bills are so prone to encourage. They ask us to support the Alliance Defending Freedom in its efforts to advance the cause of marriage freedom.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center also lists the Alliance Defending Freedom as a partner.

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