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Can Krylon spray paint work? (No!)

Do I need to apply Krylon spray paint myself? (No!)

Where can I find Krylon® spray paint for my vehicle’s windows?

Can Krylon® use Krylon paints without spray primer in my windows? (No!)

Can Krylon® clear coat my doors and trunks? (No!)

Why is Krylon® paint called Krylon®? (No!)

Why can’t I find Krylon® spray paint?

Please be sure to read this entire FAQ before taking any action with any Krylon® liquid window repair product.

Q: What are Krylon® Spray Paint products?

A: Krylon® Window Repair products are a special spray paint used to repair a wide range of damage from old windows to all new windows to aluminum shutters and other plastic shutters. This spray paint uses a specially formulated formula that reduces a wide range of damage, eliminates or greatly reduces the look of the damage, and provides a smooth finish that is durable enough to withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions.

Q: What spray paint should I use to repair my car’s windows?

A: After extensive research we have found that all vehicle manufacturers recommend either Krylon® spray paint with special spray primer, or Krylon® Liquid Window Repair with special spray primer. However, if you choose to use Krylon® liquid window repair (like the Krylon® Clear Coat) then the best option is to use Krylon® clear coat.

Q: Are Krylon® window repair products strong enough?

A: After our extensive testing our tests have shown that Krylon® window repair products are the strongest window repair products available today. At the time of purchase Krylon® Window Repair is tested at 12500 psi. After the first spray these levels can be tested at 5,000 psi and 16,000 psi.

Q: Can Krylon® window repair be used on a window repair truck?

A: If you select Krylon® Clear Coat then the truck window repair kit is the same as if you used Krylon® Liquid Window Repair. However if you choose Krylon® Liquid Window Repair (like the Krylon® Clear Coat) Krylon® window repair will be a one-time purchase and will not be required during your window repair job.

Q: I heard Krylon® is supposed to “fix” my

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