Is rustoleum good for spray paint art?

Yes. We used rustoleum in the past and had clients that had it as a top coat or as an application surface. Rustoleum spray paint can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and you can use it for all types of spray art. Our clients have used their spray paint to write about their families, their home places, our hometown, and what they’ve been up to. We’ve also received some requests from our clients to use their spray paint in different ways.

How long does spray paint run for?

Spray Paint should be air drier than other paints since spray paint is only supposed to dry for a short period of time. Once the paint is dry, it should be protected from direct sunlight.

Do rustoleum spray paint colors last?

Absolutely. Our rustoleum products are rated to last up to 8 years because they are treated to be easy to clean and use again after washing. We recommend using non-porous latex cleaning solutions or dry cleaning after each paint application or drying.

I have a spray can for spray painting. Can I spray more than one color?

Super Easy Spray Paint Moon Tutorial! - YouTube
We recommend using only a single color in a project if you have more than one spray can.

Can I mix my spray paint with other products?

No. Rustoleum spray paint can only be mixed with our solvent resistant paint. Spray paint should never be mixed with paint strippers or any other types of solvent, including cleaners, paints, varnishes, oil stains, etc.

How do I clean rustoleum spray paint?

We recommend cleaning spray paint with a non-abrasive soap and water or using a mild cleaner.

Where can I find rustoleum spray paint?

We carry a huge assortment of color options for spray paint, from medium to dark.

Can I use rustoleum paint in a kitchen?

Yes and no. Spray paint in a kitchen cannot be painted directly onto the countertop because it cannot dry completely until it is set. The best way to use a dishwasher is to make sure the sink is clean. Rustoleum spray paint is a water based surface, so it’s less likely to sit on surfaces and leave permanent stains unless sprayed on with water first. We recommend you try rustoleum on the counter top first.

What type of tools should I have for spraying paint?

We recommend using a paint brush to apply your spray paint