Can you do spray paint art on canvas?

I have spray painted a picture of what I hope is a beautiful horse, painted it up with a palette knife and then sent it over to the art gallery. They were absolutely delighted to receive it and wanted to show me pictures. I am still trying to decide whether it is still my horse, or whether they will be taking it home and putting it up at their stall.

What about your latest project. Can you tell us about it? It’s a small piece of paper that I’ve had from the start made into a frame. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s called “The Haggis”. I have always wanted to make my own Haggis and I thought I probably had enough ideas on how to do it, but still could never get the hang of it. When I opened it up and saw what it was made of, I was stunned. It was a piece of A4 paper that had been cut into squares and glued to a foam core to form a frame. It’s now a huge frame that I’ve designed a banner that will hang in my studio (to be unveiled at the New York Art Show in October)

What kind of art do you practice these days? I’ve been doing traditional and acrylics and I’ll spend as much time drawing as I do painting. Sometimes I also do sculptural work. What would you say is your next idea? I have a couple of ideas, but it has to be something a little bit less abstract or maybe just a bit more abstract. I hope to paint my horse again soon. My biggest wish from the start has been to create an exhibition of some kind of beautiful work. It is my major hobby and it has always been really important to me. What would you say is your biggest challenge in your practice? I have had very few challenges. However in some cases I have felt really guilty when I find a situation that I really need help with. For example, when I made some drawings and then started painting, I realised that I had been making drawings that I hadn’t wanted to paint and I hadn’t drawn enough detail. This was a painful time. I knew that I would need to work on the drawing to make it more interesting. I’m not sure what happens with many of the projects. I really don’t think at the moment. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a couple people that I think are very talented and have really opened my eyes. I feel like I would like to do more work like that. Are there