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The time it takes to learn how to write your first piece is about 2-5 hours. In general, I get good at it in two hours as it requires a bit of learning and a good amount of practice. I’ve never had a problem with people asking if I can read their tags and asking me to help them. Of course, some tags are harder to read than others, but in general, you will be able to know what to focus on as you study.

The time it takes to get good at writing a tattoo is usually about 5 hours in general. For me, it’s different for different people. Some people can get a piece done in about 30 minutes, while others take much longer, but in general, the time it takes will be similar.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

I really love many people in my community, but I usually get tattoos for a particular reason, so I prefer them when it comes to learning a new art. I do love seeing the people around me, but it’s easy to forget these people are in the crowd with us as we’re always working and eating and studying in the same moment. But it’s the same for everyone, so I just love seeing the community of people out on the street.

What are some of your favorite places to go to?

One of my favorite tattoo shops to try out a new tattoo is Sanguine. It’s like the ultimate in tattoo bars and they have a variety of different tattoo artist available. It just seems like the best place to try new tattoo ideas in general. I love trying many different styles as well as finding a place that feels like home.

What are your plans for the next year?

This year I’ll be on a tour, with a show in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve also got some artwork I’m working on that will be released in 2018.

Are you going anywhere at all in 2018?

No. I’m going to go back to my home region and try to figure out all my new art ideas after I’ve done a year in the States. I’m going to be starting to feel really comfortable in Toronto so I’ll probably be visiting Vancouver more in the months to come.

Any other comments and ideas about the art world?
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I try to make some of my art pieces a lot nicer than people outside Canada and in North America think it’s cute. I just try to make them more in line with what

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