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Not all spray paint is created equal. While all types are safe in a large concentration, the lead that makes this paint deadly can be created through the high temperature exposure when it’s applied to lead paint. In the case of spray paint, some of the lead may evaporate while others leach out easily. These leaches are harmful, as they are hard and can cause permanent problems. But they are not the only types to contain lead. Some are simply more toxic than others. When determining how much lead your paint contains, you have two options:

Use the manufacturer’s table below to compare different versions of the same brand of spray paint. Select one that includes “lead-free” or “lead-free-less” in the description. The table is designed to help you determine the amount of lead found in the product. It provides a guideline; use that instead.

In addition to the table, you can check the manufacturer’s requirements for lead toxicity.

How does lead get in the paint?

Lead can enter the paint through the following sources:

In the manufacture of the paint

Lead-containing solvents

Exposure to fumes

Lead-containing products can be found in any spray paint manufacturer’s paint formula and can therefore leave the surface of the primer very easily. Many of the newer paint formulas have reduced the amount of lead present but it still exists on the surface.
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The amount of lead present on primer coatwork is measured with a “paint weight.” It’s called a paint weight because the paint is a specific weight of zinc-based powder, which forms into a powder. This coating will remain on the primer coat even if you paint over it, so there is no need to wash the primer after it’s put on your car. In fact, you can make you own primer with it, just be aware that some manufacturers will not sell their primer to anyone under 18.

It is essential that you know exactly which type of primer to purchase based on what type of paint you’re going to paint over it.

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