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For beginners, try to stick to a very simple and very basic style in order to get started right off the bat.

The following video demonstrates how to start spray painting:

It’s a bit early to talk about the upcoming Game of Thrones book tour this summer, as it’s still getting set up, but you can expect to see plenty of Westeros books coming out across various outlets in the coming month, starting with The King’s Landing Book Club , which will be publishing new volumes of one of Westeros’ oldest, most beloved books, which is also one of the oldest books in the series.

Cancelled: Game of Thrones series finale

“In 2011, we published A Clash of Kings: A Year of Fire, in addition to five of the most recent seasons, as well as volumes of books that explore the background of the various lords of Westeros,” author Eric Flint, the author of A Clash of Kings , tells IGN .

Book Club will continue to publish the A Clash of Kings novels during the summer and early fall as well, and Flint explains how the series ended its final book.

“The sixth [book], A Dance With Dragons comes out in January, and it wraps up in a little bit over two years,” Flint reveals. “It’s basically going to end the main story arc for the five-book saga that the show was based on. So, in that sense, we’re going to finish the show, and that’s it, really.”

The series’ final book will also be released on January 27, with the sixth book being released a week later.

The first time I used a Varnish storage container was for creating a static Varnish cache file to serve in the backend of my Django application.

Varnish can store caching caches, or cache pages, and when you request a resource (typically from the browser) from varnish , it tries to download them to the cache container. If the resource cache file does not exist, a 404 Not Found page is served.

Since I needed a non-Varnish caching solution in Django for the example, I had to use Redis for the cache. However, as it’s a distributed network caching cache (I used Redis over I2P) a lot of the Varnish resources will be served via Nginx.

One obvious configuration to configure here:

RedisHost variable is the redis host that varnish listens

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