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It makes a lot of sense. I’ve got a lot of fun doing the art, so it’s pretty fun. I don’t do all that much spray painting other than the main painting which is a sort of cartoon sort of thing, but I do have a lot of fun with that.

When I saw your paintings in “Lilith” you reminded me of “Sister Margaret” on a very basic level, with the white of her tights and the black. Is that the way you want your work to be perceived in the West and outside of the West?

Ohhhh yeah. It’s very much like that. It’s about me trying to make some sort of comment about the world. I like to say that I don’t know this stuff, but I don’t really know what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna take over or what’s gonna happen… It’s kind of like watching a movie or a painting and watching all these things that you don’t really understand happen to all these characters and it puts it in a different perspective.

I saw that the first painting that you did for “Sister Margaret” was a kind of love letter to you and you’ve been asked by some people to get back into the spotlight with your painting of Lil’ C, the titular character, in “Lilith.” Who are you writing for right now?

Well, I do “Lilith” right now and I am doing more about the new “Sister Margaret” for a while. “Lil’ C” had been kind of all over the news a big time and I just wanted to do something else for a minute and the “Sister Margaret” work was just sitting, so I had to start painting something new for that. I don’t know what I am supposed to be writing for but it’s all gonna happen at some point maybe sometime between now… I feel like I’m doing more and more and doing new things and being myself.

What’s it like to be getting a lot of attention and criticism for “Sister Margaret”?

It’s not really so much like that, I don’t know that that’s how you phrase it. It’s just kind of like, a lot of the stuff that people say about, I don’t really follow much of it. I’ve got to tell you, you don’t know what I’m going to do next. But it does kind of excite you just a little bit and you kind

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