Does Rustoleum enamel need primer? – Spray Paint Art New York City

We would suggest that you paint the whole frame in Rustoleum enamel. This will provide the protection from bacteria, oil and stain caused by UV light which, when applied to a stainless steel frame, is detrimental to the paint.

So you want to paint over the frame when there is no primer in the frame?

Yes, because the enamel is a natural part of the paint (and there are many good sources online that explain this better than I can) that is actually going to protect the metal from rust, and if painted over, will protect the paint from any possible contaminants that could make it more rusty.

If you want to save money though, you can have us cover the entire bike but I do not think anyone would be so foolish as to do so. To me the only thing that is going to save money is that it’s going to be rust free and we will have done the work (if we have not already) of installing rust prevention.
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I’m not sure if you are going to start with the wheels?

We would recommend the wheel (not the entire frame) and a set of wheels if there is not adequate space for the bike. If after we have painted the entire bike, then we will try and install the wheels, but it seems impossible with the amount of space we have available.

I have heard that you shouldn’t paint enamel on a stainless steel frame?

This is not true by our experience. Paint has been used on stainless steel bikes for so long, it is probably one of the last things you have going for you. You can’t really tell the difference between enamel and corrosion which is why they are painted on. It’s easy to tell them apart.

If you want to paint them over then there is still a small chance I could see you stripping and stripping the paint. This is not a good idea on a frame so don’t do it on a frame that is very thin or thin and in any way porous. You can have one of our repairers repaint your entire bike however we would suggest that you not be in a position where you would leave your bike like this for so long that you would have to go to two people.

I really don’t care if the paint does not stay clear?

It is not impossible to see it but the majority of people do not. If you want to leave them clear then we have some suggestions to try and help you keep a

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