Can you paint rustoleum over Krylon paint? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Bouskoura

I have a friend who owns a Rustoleum company and I was wondering if they would do any polishing on a Krylon paint.

What do you spray onto paints? You spray on a thick, uniform substance. You should start using a product like Rustoleum Rustoleum Paint Protectant because it’s very thick!

Are there any tricks or tips to spray on Krylon paint that you’re not using on regular paint? I actually have a friend who spray paints with the Krylon spray paint and I just spray it on and let it dry before spraying it again. Sometimes my Krylon paint has to stay wet longer than other paint because of the consistency of the Krylon product but I don’t apply anything that will slow or stop the drying time.

Have you ever seen a Krylon or another manufacturer spray a paint on to get to the right hue? I have seen Krylon spray paint on to get to the right hue, but the paint usually gets very, very dry.

Hi, I’m a painter and I want to use Krylon products for a project I’m trying to execute, i see the pictures and it doesn’t look as good as with Krylon paint. Could you please tell me when can i go to Krylon and see them doing paint on a Krylon paint?

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If I could spray Krylon paint over the normal Rustoleum paint, would that improve the durability of the paint? I noticed when I was doing my Krylon paint on the water with regular Rustoleum paint the acrylic was very thin when it dried and when it was put over Krylon the paint appeared thicker.

I would like Krylon to spray paint on to get Rustoleum stains to stay clean. I am trying to find a solution that uses the chemicals in Krylon without getting it to damage the Rustoleum paint. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

What’s the difference between Krylon spray paint and the actual Krylon paint? I’m doing a project for my son and want some Krylon paint. Can I just spray Krylon on for a few hours like usual and spray Rustoleum for the final touch? Thanks!

What do you spray paint on to get to the right hue? All Krylon spray paint, the “Tiny Truest” and the Ultra Premium will work great on krylon. The krylon stuff is a little thicker. If you spray Krylon you’ll see the paint will just stick

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