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Are women supposed to sing in it with a boy?

The waltz is not about sex; it is about the union of a man and a woman in the heart of our Church.

The waltz is a hymn to the Divine Marriage in Holy Matrimony and represents the union of the Spirit and the flesh. It is about being joined in body and soul to Christ and His Church. It is a hymn to family life, the joy of children, a symbol of the Church as a home for the family. It is a gift to mothers, who are the natural mothers of the children. As women, we are united to Christ as the children of God. In doing service to our families, we are bound to honor our mother in heaven, whose love extends to us. The singing of The Waltz also signifies and is for the children.

The waltz is a symbol of our church and is one that all of us must affirm each and everyone year round.

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Bless all the children, for they are singing your hymns. Blessed are the mothers of my children, for they are singing with your children.

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