Why is it important for students to know social dance? – Origin And History Of Social Dance Ballroom Two

Social dance is a very unique, fun, collaborative, interactive movement that is taught in a variety of dance programs. It can be learned through classes at dance schools like the Boston Cultural Arts Center. If you are interested but confused on what social dance is and how it is done, this video from The Boston Globe describes it in detail:

Social dancing is also offered at various locations in Boston including the New England Dance Center in Downtown, the Harvard Dance Troupe in the South End, and the Boston Social dance club in Chelsea. It can also be found among the dancers working at the Harvard Dance Troupe.

Who Can Benefit from Social Dance Classes?

In my personal experience, social dancing is an excellent way for beginners to feel like they are getting to know themselves before they take on new dance roles. For people who want to develop physical skills such as balancing, balancing with partner on partner or even to become part of a dance collective where participants are encouraged to socialize and experiment with new dance moves. With the right social dancing classes, you don’t need to take the time to build confidence before taking on your new dance role.

Students also have the opportunity to learn how to dance solo as well as perform with another person. There are many different types of social dancing and they are designed to offer a new experience to students of all different ages and fitness levels.

Students who are already interested in dancing (or want to try it) should definitely seek classes before they decide to move on from one role to another.

Social dancing classes are expensive and may run into the hundreds of dollars. Do you want to use that money to help someone who’s going through a tough time? Social dancing is a fantastic way for you to be a part of helping him or her improve and reach their new fitness level.

What Skills Do the Social Dance Class Hold That Aren’t Mentioned in the Basic Dance Course?

In order to be an effective social dancer, you will need the skills described further below.


Sharing in dance is more than sharing a dance routine or one person’s dance moves on a dance floor. Sharing your dance moves means using the dance spaces together to practice dance moves which you’ve practiced before or even to teach someone new moves that you have been practicing.


There are plenty of fun things you can do during your dancing when you’re not dancing. You can take a simple move that you’ve learned, break it down

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