Why is dancing important? – Social Dance Meaning

The answer is not complicated. It is not an exercise in strength or endurance nor is it to be a choreographed sequence of movements. It is to make people dance. It is to express your spirit, to have a little dance in your heart in the midst of your worries. I was lucky enough to have a friend in my 20s before I met him with whom I developed a friendship for the next 30 years. When one dances a jibe, it can have a real impact on one’s spirits and the person they know. In fact, I myself had an accident which caused my left leg to be amputated and I did not learn a dance until six months after my accident happened.

How much do you practice?

Well it depends on the type of dancing I am doing. If the dance is a little complicated, I practice three times a day; if it is a little simpler, I do twice a week or more. It is the same in both cases except sometimes I have to practice longer. I can’t believe I am doing this as a choreographer, with all the pressure I have. When I make a show, when I write, I will try to do something which I have never done before because I am in desperate need of it. Sometimes I will practice five times in a day and sometimes I do it a few times during the day. Whenever we meet for coffee, we will spend five minutes to dance around the table. It does help me relax.

Do you ever think about your feet?

My right foot has been injured many times and the left one has been amputated a few times. The fact that I have no pain means that my mind goes away. That means that whatever I say is not there and is not there because my mind knows it will never come back.

Did you have any dance experience before, like when you were playing in the theatre?
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My mother was my dancer. When she went to the ballet school, my father was her coach. There was another dancer in our school, and the only time she had been to the art school was when she was my age. When I was in the theatre, I was always at the same time with my mother, in our studio or in our rehearsals. But my first dance was dancing at the theatre before I was able to stand in front of the mirrors. I had been in the theatre for three years before going off to the ballet school. It was the first thing in my life

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