Why is dancing important? – History Of Social Dance Ballroom

Because it’s fun! And because it can be a form of celebration of love and connection.

It’s all about connection. And the idea that we can all be in and out of each other and the world together is really beautiful.

The way we move is important. The way we speak is important. The body is important. The way we talk to friends is important.

Why are we dancing?

Because that’s how we celebrate things in between. For me, I’m dancing because I want to hear a woman’s voice! You might think that’s the same as dancing! I’m not dancing because I’m being entertained by the spectacle of it, or because I’m enjoying my body. I’m dancing because I want this to happen.

I don’t want to be sitting in a chair, doing a number, dancing with my eyes closed, or feeling silly while I do it, or enjoying the fact that my body feels good while I’m doing it. That’s why I am dancing, because I want to get into being moved by people!

And so I dance.

Why are we talking?

Because it’s a powerful form of expression and because it’s a universal language we can relate to. It’s a tool that helps us be authentic and connect.

I know many dancers who will say, “I want to feel my legs touching.” I want to feel the vibrations with my thighs and toes and my hands. If I can’t tell it by feel, I know which is which. When we dance as a group we can connect with each other.

When I dance, I want everybody to be in my head with me. I want to be hearing everything that I hear! I want to know everything that you are and what your intentions are. When we talk we are communicating with each other.

It’s the same way I express a song through my body. We can share with each other, and I want to do the same with my body. I want to connect with you!

It’s our first step towards building connections across boundaries. There’s nothing like connecting to each other and hearing the love and joy of the other’s body and voice.

It doesn’t matter how we move. We all share our body. And, when we share it, how we move is very important.

If we look at dance as something shared and communal, then why are we dancing? If you want to

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