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When the music got big, rap groups would dress in all-black clothes and rap and dance like hip-hop music. These were just hip rappers. But it was like “Hip-hops got big and people are still like that,” but they were still hip-hop.

Is it true that there’s a difference between rap and hip-hop these days?

This is not a black vs. white thing. It’s a culture thing. Rap is hip-hop, as opposed to hip-hop.

How did the culture shift back to how it was?

I was in the audience at the Grammys last year for the award of album of the year, which is rap album of the year, and everyone came up to me and said, “Darius, I listened to the album when I was young and it really stuck with me.” That was definitely a cultural shift.

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Image copyright PA Image caption The UK is one of the largest single investors in China and has made significant investments in China’s railway system

The UK government is considering a new “pivot” to the Chinese market following the withdrawal of UK business from a railway project.

Under the terms of a deal with China Railway (Yiwu), the government would no longer support the project, and was to sell Yiwu stock and bonds.

Yiwu was one of the largest investors in China’s railways until September’s exit.

Business Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed that the government was seeking to consider the new model.
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BBC China editor Gavin Hewitt said the government was not planning to make new investment in the Chinese railway industry, rather seeking to reduce its direct investments, but in general, it was seeking to reduce the dependence on government.

Mr Hewitt also reported that the UK was one of a number of global investors who were keen to “put money in Chinese infrastructure”

Yiwu had also sold shares worth £500m earlier this year, adding to its previous £1.9bn investment.

The project to build the £5.4bn Hong Kong-to-Macao-Trains link, which was built partly in the UK, was to link the island with major mainland terminals.

A report last month had suggested that the UK had invested in China’s railways over the past 12 years, but it was reported that Britain is looking at alternatives.

UK firms were

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